2014 Station Goals

Since we moved to the new QTH just over 2 years ago, I’ve been collecting parts and equipment with a rough goal in mind for the eventual evolution of the station.  I finally realized my equipment goals and how they all connect are a little fuzzy and deserve sorting out.  First I came up with a quick diagram of the existing station. Nothing spectacular, but a good baseline to have documented.

W1MSW Existing Station

Then I came up with a diagram of what I hope the station will eventually be with a quick inventory of what I have and what I still need.


My next task is to come up with a corresponding spreadsheet of the equipment I still need to procure and the associated costs.  I’m dreading it, but in the long run it’s always good to have the harsh budgetary realities down on paper so you know what you’re up against.

The KK1L antenna switch is getting closer to being a reality.  With the help of N1FJ and his drill press, I now have the control box ready to go and can finish that half of the project.  I also ordered the remaining parts for the relay switch, but unfortunately the relays are back-ordered from Mouser until March.  Still plenty to do before I can install it, so not too big of a deal.

Station demarc and behind the wall panel for organization is also in progress.  If the weather stays nice, I may start poking some holes in the side of the house so I can move the cables from the window to the demarc, which will look nicer and give us some energy savings.  I have the window sealed up well, but it will never be as good as having it completely shut.

Not to get all 75 meters or anything, but I’ve been under the weather and dealing with some health issues.  This has put a bit of a damper on operating, but hopefully answers are coming and we can get a move on making these goals into realities. More images and posts as we make progress here.

Matt – W1MSW